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This section lists our previous works in which we have made and impact into pragmatic data integration and management.

Knowledge Management in SQL Print E-mail
We are maintaining medical concept dictionaries and ontologies in production grade relational database management systems (RDBMS.) In the past, RDBMS did not support transitive relational structures and had therefore been unsuitable for managing knowledge bases. The revised SQL-99 standard, however, may change this. In this paper we show that modern RDBMS that support recursive queries are capable of querying transitive relationships in a generic data model. We show a simple but efficient indexed representation of transitive closure. We could confirm that even challenging combined transitive relationships can be queried in SQL.
Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM) Print E-mail
The Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM) is a standard code system to communicate units of measure between computer systems and between humans and computers. It represents all physical units in the SI (and predecessor) systems, and meticulously incorporates the customary units still in use in the U.S. and few other parts of the world. The UCUM has been adopted in the data interchange standard world including DICOM, GIST consortium, HL7, and HITSP.
Healthcare Reference Information Model Print E-mail
Our founder, Dr. Schadow, has been chiefly designing the Health-Level-7 (HL7) standard Reference Information Model, an object-model that addresses of hundreds of complex use cases of biomedical data and workflow management.
Structured Product Label (SPL) Print E-mail
We have designed the Structured Product Label (SPL) specification, an HL7 standard for medicinal product knowledge in both human readable and computer-interpretable format. SPL is the first comprehensive standard of medicinal products and is implemented by the U.S. FDA and all U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

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