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Pragmatic Data means two things: firstly practical, i.e. our services are meant to solve a practical problem and when the problem is addressed, our clients and we are happy (all too often big software systems get in the way of the data.)  Secondly, our name means pragmatics-oriented, that is, pertaining to the purpose of your data for your business processes.

Pragmatics is the study of the purpose of information, i.e., meaning in the world of action. It is the 4th and highest level of the study of the form and meaning of information:

  1. Lexical level - pertaining to the basic symbols, words and their forms.
  2. Syntax - pertaining to the structure (e.g., sentences) in which words occur.
  3. Semantics - pertaining to the meaning of the structures of words.
  4. Pragmatics - pertaining to the purpose of meaningful structures of words.
Thus, at Pragmatic Data we understand data on all 4 levels. For example, we understand terminologies and ontologies and we can find words in texts or translate between vocabularies. We also understand parsers and we can extract information from natural language or manipulate formal language. We can process higher level meaning based on ontologies and data structures. But ultimately we understand that terminology, form, meaning of data is there for a purpose, data is communicated and stored to facilitate workflow, to make something good happen in the real world. Pragmatics is the ultimate benchmark for all data management tasks. Our focus on pragmatics means that we get the task at hand done more expediently because we keep the purpose in mind.
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