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Pragmatic Data can deliver even larger software projects on short notice. We have strategic partnerships with software development firms which allows us to scale up developer quickly as needed while never loosing our unique focus on your data its purpose for your business. Sometimes many hands are needed to deliver custom software to our clients. Pragmatic Data can deliver software solutions on short notice thanks to our strategic partnerships with software developers both locally and overseas. While we can deliver these solutions and we are ready for the phases of the project where large scale custom development is required, we continue to keep our data-centric orientation. This is why our products are more intelligent and light weight than what others deliver who take a software-program focus. We believe that our client's data is their primary asset, and software code tends to be a liability more than an asset. We believe in data and business functions (pragmatics again) with the minimum necessary architectural complexity, the minimum number of lines of code. For our clients this means less baggage to maintain and often more flexibility.
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